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Coggins Testing

A Coggin’s test is a blood test that is performed once yearly to test a horse for equine infectious anemia (EIA) A negative Coggin’s is

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Farm Animal Basics

One of my greatest joys so far in this job has been helping hobby farmers with their herds and flocks. I love working with these

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Winter Horse Care

Elizabeth D. Callahan DVM, DABVP, Equine PracticeVeterinary Medical Center, Easton MD With the approach of colder weather, it is very important for horse owners to

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Equine Gastric Ulcers

It is believed that between 50-90% of adult horses and 25-50% of foals may have gastric ulcers. In adults ulcers are more common in athletes,

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Equine Feeding

I see a lot of horses, and I see a lot of owners who want to make sure their horses are being fed well. However,

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Equine Coronavirus

What is Equine Coronavirus? Equine coronavirus (ECoV) is well known as a cause of gastrointestinal disease in foals.  However, recently this virus has been linked

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Should I blanket my horse?

By Teresa Martinoli, DVM This is a common question asked by horse owners every fall and winter.    The short answer:  Probably not! Most horses do NOT

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Miracles Can Happen

There are some cases that make me proud to be part of such an incredible vocation. Medical cases that reaffirm my devotion to the profession of

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National Pet Week

Happy National Pet Week! Well, it’s slightly belated, but nonetheless May is an important month to revel in the unique, quirky, loveable traits that make

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