Exotic Pet Care

Unique and special pets need


Here at VMC we have a great passion for caring for small mammals or marsupials (“pocket pets”), reptiles, amphibians and small pot bellied pigs. 

. Our doctors with special interest in these various species are committed to providing high-quality primary care and diagnostics. 


  • Whether you have a small flock of laying hens in your backyard or are a parrot fanatic, our team would love to see your pet. Many of our staff have a special interest in avian medicine and the doctors accepting avian patients have received additional training and continue to pursue educational opportunities in this specialty.
  • We prioritize safe handling, minimizing stress in the avian patient, and high quality medicine and diagnostics to promote a strong bond between you, your bird, and our staff. We utilize an avian/exotic specialized diagnostic laboratory to ensure the most reliable results to monitor your pet’s health. Our focus is on behavior and preventative medicine, good biosecurity, species-specific nutrition, and enrichment in our bird patients.
  • We do not currently accept wildlife patients, birds of prey, or ratite species.


  • These creatures tend to hide signs of illness so our doctors strongly encourage yearly wellness visits, during which environment, heating, lighting, nutrition, and enrichment will be discussed in detail. When illness cannot be prevented, we are here to support your pets in every way we can
  • We currently provide several surgeries for select species (we are not equipped for specialized surgeries on some exotics), including spays and neuters, dentistry, and mass removals. Call us today for details on how we can best support your pet!
  • We do not currently accept birds, wildlife patients or venomous species.

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