International Health Certificates

Traveling abroad with a pet can be


Due to the requirements set by the country you are trying to visit or relocate to, traveling abroad with your pet can be a stressful experience. Each country will have their own criteria that has to be met before the pet can travel into the country. Planning and preparation are crucial for a smooth process for you and for your pet.

Here at VMC, we provide assistance with the entire process; and for the countries that have strict requirements such as Australia and Japan, we can assist you in hiring a pet travel company that will work side by side with us.  VMC has several USDA accredited veterinarians who can submit health certificates for USDA endorsement electronically to accelerate the return of the original endorsed certificate.  Call today to learn more! 

We partner with pet owners and area veterinarians in helping to determine health certificate requirements based on your travel destination.  Visit to learn more about taking a pet to a foreign country.  Or if you are ready to make the first appointment, please complete and submit this form Pet Owner Worksheet for International Health Certificate.

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