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Surgical Cones vs. Surgical Suits

Has your pet needed to wear an “e-collar” or cone due to an injury, illness or surgery?

Are you tired of seeing that bulky cone flop around your home? Are you tired of seeing your pet crash into walls and objects around the house? The dreaded cone leaves pets feeling confused, depressed, or even panicked.

A surgical suit, also known as a recovery suit or bodysuit, may be your alternative to the cone. Although they can be referred to as a surgical suit, they are not limited to surgery. These suits are designed to cover the torso and limbs, providing support and protection for incisions, wounds, or injuries.

Why Choose a Pet Surgical Suit Over a Cone

It’s time to ditch the cone! Here are 10 reasons you should consider a surgical suit for your pet.

  1. Gives your pet full range of motion.

    Your pet will no longer have to risk running into furniture and getting stuck in small places. The suit has no restrictions! Your pet will be able to move freely, making recovery easier.
  2. It’s comfortable.

    Usually made of soft, breathable materials which can provide comfort during the recovery process.
  3. Provides compression and support.

    Surgical suits can provide gentle compression to the surgical site which can help reduce swelling and promote healing. They also provide support to the body which is important when recovering from abdominal surgeries like spays, gastropexy, exploratory and more!.
  4. Provides protection to the surgical site.

    Prevents rubbing and irritation by keeping the surgical site covered. Remember – a cone is to prevent your pet from getting to the affected site; it does not protect against things like lint from furniture, dirt, mud, and other animals from getting to the site, all of which can make your pet uncomfortable and delay healing.  
  5. Easy to take on and off.

    Bodysuits can be easier to put on and take off compared to traditional clothing – this can be especially important when mobility is limited. The real perk of a bodysuit is that you don’t have to take it off at all! Most suits are specific to male and female in how they function so as long as you have one specific to your pet, bathroom habits should not be of any worry. Some suits may require a small step prior to potty time which is simply undoing the back portion and then replacing it when your pet is finished.
  6. Washable.

    Do not worry, bodysuits can be washed to wear time and time again. You may consider getting more than one for your pets recovery process so you can switch them out.
  7.  There are different types of suits.

    Some suits have different ways of being secured to a pet – some have a back closure, some Velcro to the back, some snap together towards the hind end. The point is that there are different styles to accommodate your pet’s medical condition or disabilities – for example, it may be best to have a suit with a back closure for an older, arthritic pet to avoid manipulation of the limbs.
  8.  Can help soothe an anxious pet.

    Have you ever heard of a ThunderShirt ? It is a cover, such as a jacket or shirt, that is used to make a pet feel calmer in stressful situations. As if recovery isn’t already stressful enough, you can have a 2 in 1 – a fitting suit that can provide protection as well as gentle pressure to mimic that of a ThunderShirt to ease anxiety.
  9.  Covers most of the body

    . Surgical suits are nice because they cover most of the body. Places they do not cover are the face, some of the neck (depending on the type of suit), tail, and paws. Some suits do cover the limbs, others do not cover the lower portion on limbs. Because of this, these suits are not generally used for issues involving the face and neck, sometimes lower limbs, paws, and the tail.
  10.  Versatile and affordable!

    Bodysuits come in different sizes, colors, and patterns and they are made for both male and female pets. The average cost of a bodysuit is from $25-$60, depending on manufacturer and material.

Conclusion & References

Surgical Suits can be found at a local pet store or shop online. For best results, be sure to measure your pet and pay close attention to the company’s size chart.

Kayla Branham, RVT, PGSS-C at Veterinary Medical Center 


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