End of Life Care

Here at VMC, we feel that our dedication to improving animal lives extends not only to the beginning, but to the end of life as well. Whether it is a geriatric animal who needs special care, a patient who is experiencing a chronic debilitating disease, or a dear companion who now requires a peaceful and dignified passing, we are here for you.

Our end of life services include:

FAQ About Euthanasia

Consultation with our veterinarians to discuss Quality of Life and access to Quality of Life evaluation tools will help you make a decision. See our Quality of Life webpage for more information.

Consider how you want your pet to experience that last day – favorite treats, food, or a “bucket list” of things to do or enjoy. Who, what, when or where do you want the passing to take place? Here are some ideas for a canine bucket list.

In hospital euthanasia is possible anytime that the office is open; from 7am to 8pm M-W and F, 7am to 6pm Th, and 8-4 on Saturday. In home euthanasia is available M-F 8-4.

We understand that these decisions are often of an urgent nature. We can accommodate in hospital euthanasia any day, but we ask that you give us 24 hours in advance to schedule an in-home euthanasia, in order for us to give you and your pet the attention you deserve at this special time.

The process involves giving a sedative which will make your pet calm and comfortable. After that, an overdose of a drug that causes the brain to stop all functions will be given. There is no pain associated with the procedure. The entire process from sedation to death takes about 30-45 minutes. The time from the injection of the euthanasia solution usually takes about 45-60 seconds.

No, by Maryland law, you cannot euthanize an animal that has bitten someone for 10 days, due to rabies concerns. In rare cases an animal can be euthanized before that time with the permission of the health department, but it must be tested for rabies and cannot be cremated.

We only use a reputable company that we trust with our own pets.


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