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Passionately advocating for every animal through our commitment to improving their lives!

The Veterinary Medical Center in Easton, MD

There’s an indescribable and unbreakable bond between people and their pets. You understand that bond. We do too. And it is at the heart of everything we do. Out patients feel it as they walk through our doors —and they show us in so many ways. That’s because Veterinary Medical Center isn’t just a place that “treats” animals. It’s a place where deeper connections are forged with outstanding medical advice, practical guidance, and heartfelt compassion. We’re alongside both of you every step of the way. This has never been a job to us. It is truly at the core of who we are. The pets who come through our doors feel it, the owners feel it, and we want you to experience it too. Come see for yourself!

We offer a level of unmatched veterinary expertise for every animal:

We look forward to seeing you and your dog, cat, horse, small ruminant or other companion animal. Please call us today to schedule an appointment.

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Client Care Center

Whether you’re a regular visitor or a new client, our client center has all the information you’ll need for your visit to Veterinary Medical Center Easton.


  • Dr. Casey Beck performed dentals on my 2 older cats; Pumpkin & Chumley. My Rottweiler, Rosie, received her yearly exam & vaccinations with Dr. Dean Tyson. Dr. Katie Spillane gave our goats & sheep hoof trims & dewormer. All of my animals receive compassionate, outstanding veterinary care from all the Drs. & all the staff. Of course, I am an outstanding client- so everybody loves me, too!

    Barb J Customer since 1992


  • I have been a client of Veterinary Medical Center since they opened over 30 years ago. I have never had a bad experience with them. They are a very compassionate facility. I remember one situation in particular, I had an emergency situation with my Yorkie, that required the staff to stay after hours . They were not concerned about getting off work but very concerned for the care of my pet.

    Lori M Customer since 1992


  • Always good........Millie is learning the vet checks are fun.. she loves Ashley and Matthew and Dodie..and of course, Jeannie..thanks folks, good job! MARCIE

    Marcia S Customer since 2003


  • Best vet office/center anywhere!! Veterinarians who treat patients just like "people doctors"; most professional, helpful staff; absolutely beautiful facility!!

    Mary Sue H Customer since 1993


  • Top knotch! After moving to Easton a few months ago and leaving the Veterinary World to find a new doctor and hospital was scary. We are at completle peace with our new friends!

    Dr. Beck, Jeanie, Kim, The Ashley's, Lisa and all the girls at the dront desk are wonderful! Thank you for EVERYTHING!

    Suzy S Customer since 2016


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