Kitten Care

Congratulations on your new kitten! We are eager to meet the newest member of your family so we may welcome him or her into our family.

Your Kitten’s First Wellness Exams

These initial exams include thorough “nose-to-tail” physical evaluations and allow us to establish an individualized wellness care plan for your kitten. The first few visits will allow you to develop a relationship with us, allow our veterinarians to complete your kitten’s vaccination series, test your kitten for feline leukemia and feline FIV and monitor any developing medical or behavioral conditions your kitten may develop.

Your kitten’s first wellness exams will include:

• Comprehensive physical exams
• Fecal analysis (intestinal parasite screening)
• Deworming
• Development of an immunization protocol based on your kitten’s individual needs
• Vaccinations, depending on your kitten’s age, vaccination schedule and health history
• Testing for feline leukemia and feline FIV
• Nutritional counseling
• Behavior discussion and litter box training recommendations
• Recommendations for spay, neuter or responsible breeding
• Description of a lifelong preventive health care plan
• Recommendations and options for veterinary insurance and wellness plans

The documents below contain the detailed information that we will discuss with you at your visits:

Kitten Visit 1
Kitten Visit 2

Please bring the following items with you to ensure that your family has the best possible experience:

• Your kitten in a closed cat carrier. One that opens from the top is best
• All veterinary records and other paperwork you have pertaining to your kitten’s care
• A fresh stool sample (less than 12 hours old)
• Questions you have for us regarding your kitten’s health care or behavior

We enjoy helping our clients and their families guide their new kittens along the exciting journey to exceptional health and lifelong happiness! Please call us as soon as you bring your kitten home to schedule an appointment.


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