The Male Pre-Breeding Examination

The Purpose of the Pre-Breeding Exam

To determine whether the dog is capable of producing quality semen. This is important for both first-time breedings and for those males that have not been used for breeding for over one year. It is also recommended when planning to send out chilled semen for an upcoming breeding.

What to Expect at the Pre-Breeding Exam

The prebreeding exam includes an evaluation of the medical and reproductive history, a physical examination, and a reproductive examination including semen collection with complete evaluation. When planning a chilled semen breeding, we can also perform a chill test and evaluate the semen for quality after 24 and 48 hours. We will also draw blood for canine brucellosis testing when indicated and if not performed within the last 6 months. (Brucella is a bacteria that is transmitted by exposure to infected respiratory secretions, semen and urine, so even previously unused dogs should be tested)

What to Bring to The Exam

Medical records of any prior semen evaluations and general health information that may be important for the upcoming breeding. Ideally, if you can also provide a “teaser-bitch” (a female in estrus) for that exam, the semen collection process may be more successful and produce more semen.

When to Schedule the Pre-Breeding Exam

Usually 1-2 months prior to the upcoming breeding. This will allow for time to repeat the exam if the semen quality is in question and to possibly treat a problem if diagnosed.

Veterinary Medical Center is Available 7 Days a Week for Reproduction Patients

We are available for patients 7 days a week when reproductive procedures cannot wait, such as artificial inseminations, TCIs, semen collection for fresh-chilled shipments and emergency caesarean sections. If you are ready to begin a breeding program for your dog, please call us for a pre-breeding exam appointment.


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