The Canine Semen Freezing Appointment

What to Bring to Your Semen Freezing Appointment

It is advised to bring a teaser bitch in estrus if possible. We also require the following items (sent in the first visit information packet):

1. Signed Zoetis Contract for Storage of Frozen semen.
2. Copy of the dogs AKC registration that will remain in the medical record.
3. AKC DNA profile which can be obtained at the time of semen freezing.
4. A copy of a negative Brucellosis test within the last 6 months.
5. Two recent color phots of the dog( 1 front and 1 side view).
6. Microchip number or tattoo ID.

How Long Will the Process Take?

The collection process will usually last 30 minutes or less, at which point the owner can leave. However, the analysis and freezing procedure will take us several hours. Please have the proper paper documentation ready upon request. Having a “teaser” female (in heat) usually will be helpful to interest the male and increase libido.

How Many Breedings Will I Be Able to Get From Each Collection?

This will vary from dog to dog and collection to collection. A normal dog’s sperm count is from 200 million up to 1 to 2 billion. Each collection will be somewhat different. Other factors critical in determining the number of breeding units will be 1) % normal sperm 2)% motile sperm 3)% motile sperm on test thaw after freezing. All of these factors will be considered to determine the proper number of breeding units. Remember, splitting into a higher number of breeding units should only be performed if the proper number of normal, active sperm permit it. Smaller breeds can present a challenge due to the lower sperm counts.

What if My Dog Will Not “Cooperate” With the Collection Process?

While most dogs will allow themselves to be collected when a female teaser is present, occasionally certain dogs will not permit it. Sometimes a follow up visit will find the dog less apprehensive and a better outcome. If you plan on using a dog as a stud dog, remember not to correct or discourage him from showing interest in females. Certain dogs will not respond well to females in heat because they have been conditioned or trained not to by their owners. We have also found it helpful to introduce the collection process to a dog when he is fairly young, rather than waiting until they are several years old. If a dog cannot be collected, clients will only be charged for the office visit.

VMS is Available 7 Days a Week for Reproduction Patients

As with many things, “timing is everything”, especially when it comes to canine reproduction. VMC is available for canine reproduction patients 7 days a week when reproductive procedures cannot wait. Please call us today if you have any questions or to schedule a pre-breeding exam.


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