Trans-Cervical Insemination

What is Trans-Cervical Insemination?

Trans-cervical insemination is a method to deliver sperm directly into the uterus, bypassing the cervix. The advantage is the same as the surgical intrauterine method of insemination (commonly called an implant). Most of the sperm may not penetrate the cervix after a routine vaginal insemination—this can be especially true for frozen or chilled semen, or in cases of bitch or stud dog decreased fertility.

How is Trans-Cervical Insemination Performed?

Bitches are inseminated in a standing position without sedation in most cases. The owner isencouraged to observe the procedure. We can use a video display to visualize the procedure. The procedure is painless and usually takes 15-30 minutes.

Planning a Trans-Cervical Insemination

We require an appointment in advance of the date for TCI (i.e., prebreeding exam either before estrus or at the beginning of the cycle. Our goal is to inseminate twice by TCI within 24-48 hours. The decision of when to perform TCI is based on ovulation timing (see my ovulation timing and progesterone testing).

Procedure for Chilled Semen Trans-Cervical Insemination

If shipping chilled semen, please indicate to the stud dog owner that we need the semen to be centrifuged after collection (gentle centrifugation at urine setting). The extraneous seminal fluids are discarded and the sperm pellet is mixed with an extender. We request no more than 2.0-2.5 ml total volume. This highly concentrated semen is necessary for intrauterine insemination to prevent backflow after the TCI is performed.

Procedure for Fresh Semen Trans-Cervical Insemination

When the stud dog is present, the semen is processed after collection by centrifugation and an extender is added. This is different than semen handled for routine vaginal insemination and is necessary prior to insemination directly into the uterus by either TCI or surgery.

Procedure for Frozen Semen Trans-Cervical Insemination

The semen is not thawed until the insemination catheter is placed by TCI. This will allow for a back up plan of performing a surgical insemination in the unlikely event that TCI cannot be achieved.


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