The Female Pre-Breeding Examination

The Purpose of the Pre-Breeding Exam

A pre-breeding exam is required in order to optimize pregnanacy chances. It is especially important when planning to breed a bitch that has a history of unsuccessful or problematic breedings, pregnancy or whelping.

What to Bring to The Exam

For bitches that have been bred in the past, any information about those breedings is helpful. This includes breeding dates, progesterone results, other lab data, ultrasound reports, and information regarding the semen or dog used.

What to Expect at the Pre-Breeding Exam

An evaluation of medical and reproductive history. A general examination and reproductive examination. This may include vaginoscopy to be certain the vaginal canal is normal anatomically as well as a brucellosis if not performed in the last 6 months.

Scheduling an Appointment

Ideally schedule an appointment prior to the beginning of proestrus (bleeding). Whenever possible, to improve communication and allow adequate time for questions and decisions, schedule a pre-breeding appointment several weeks in advance of an upcoming breeding when chilled or frozen semen is planned. Due to situations, we understand and accept pre-breeding appointments to coincide with the beginning of progesterone testing–usually about day 5 of the cycle. It is especially important when planning any type of assisted breeding ( transported, chilled or frozen semen).

VMC Easton is Available 7 Days a Week for Reproduction Patients

We are available for patients 7 days a week when reproductive procedures cannot wait, such as artificial inseminations, TCIs, semen collection for fresh-chilled shipments and emergency caesarean sections. If you are ready to begin a breeding program for your dog, please call us for a pre-breeding exam appointment.


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