Planning a Breeding with Fresh Chilled Semen

Why Use Fresh Chilled Semen?

Fresh chilled semen is used when the dog is not local or available for a side by side artificial insemination or a natural breeding. It is an excellent alternative to fresh semen with an equal conception rate if done properly.

Prebreeding Exam

We require a pre-breeding exam to plan the breeding and to besure insemination with chilled semen is a reasonable option for this bitch. We will alsoreview instructions for ovulation timing (please read handouts on ovulation timing and progesterone testing protocols).

Breeding Plan

Two inseminations 24-48 hours apart are planned on the basis of ovulation timing results. This will require two separate semen collections and shipments for delivery within 24-48 hours (usually Fed Ex).

Semen Collection

If this procedure is new to either the stud dog or the collecting veterinarian, a test-collection is recommended. Semen is collected and packaged, as if for a chilled semen breeding, but held at the veterinary office and evaluated after 24 and 48 hours for viability. This will ensure the dog’s semen is of sufficient quality for chilling, the dog can be collected without a teaser bitch, and that the veterinarian is familiar with the process.

It is most efficient for me to deal with the bitch owner directly and have you contact the stud dog owner regarding timing for shipment, sending kits, etc. It is usually not necessary for us to communicate with the collecting veterinarian directly.

Insemination Choices

Transcervical insemination (TCI) is the preferred method of insemination because it delivers the highest dose of semen into the reproductive tract beyond the cervix. In some situations, surgical insemination is requested. This requires general anesthesia, an abdominal; incision , and a 10-14 dayrecovery period.

VMC is available 7 days a week for inseminations and breeding management.


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