Equine Medical Services

VMC of Easton offers various specialized equine medical services for


Since pets age at a much quicker rate than humans, these visits will become increasingly important in early detection of any changes in their health. Our veterinarians utilize advanced technology to aid them in the diagnosis of many medical conditions.

Hospitalization for Horses

Hospitalization is available at our hospital in Easton to any equine patient that would benefit from monitoring and advanced management. Our board-certified equine veterinarians with clinical expertise in internal medicine direct the diagnosis and care of these patients. Our specialized staff and facilities maximize the quality of patient care. We offer a wide range of diagnostic procedures, such as transtracheal aspirates, abdominocentesis and the placement of ocular catheters.

Equine Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional needs of the horse can vary quite drastically throughout life and with so much information and so many options it can be overwhelming.

Whether you are feeding a foal, a budding athlete or performance horse, a brood mare or retired horse VMC can help design a program that fits your horses needs.

In designing a program for your horse we take into account the nutritional requirements for their stage of life and career and we work with you to design a simple and sustainable plan to take the guess work out of your horse’s nutrition. We can also perform hay and grain analysis so we know exactly what your horse is getting and where we may need to supplement or make changes.

Lameness Exams

Like humans, horses often run through any pain they may be feeling. But the longer physical ailments go untreated the greater their potential to cause catastrophic breakdowns in the future.

We perform lameness diagnosis and evaluation. This includes procedures such as diagnostic nerve blocks, ultrasound technology to evaluate any soft-tissue inflammation or tendon injury/problem and digital radiographs, allowing for real-time diagnostics. Digital radiography is available to aid us in diagnosing lameness.

Only after the full lameness exam do we make a diagnosis and develop an appropriate treatment plan. Regular check-ups are usually performed throughout the process of rehabilitation. Our 2 fully equipped mobile units perform farm calls, or you may bring your horse to our hospital in Easton for a lameness exam.

Pre-purchase Exams for Horses

If you are acquiring a horse, you should have a pre-purchase veterinary exam. A pre-purchase exam provides the buyer with information about the horse’s current medical condition and suitability for the buyer’s intended use. Some of problems that can be overlooked when buying a new horse include cardiac abnormalities, eye abnormalities and lameness. We utilize a rigorous examination protocol to detect abnormalities or problems in the horse and discuss our findings with the potential purchaser.

Veterinary Medical Center offers full pre-purchase examinations that can be performed at your farm, and can include digital radiographs, drug testing and evaluation for breeding soundness.

Please give us a call today to schedule an equine pre-purchase exam if you are acquiring a horse.

Coggins Testing

Veterinary Medical Center performs Coggins testing on horses for equine infectious anemia (EIA), commonly called swamp fever. EIA is an infectious viral disease that is transmitted from horse to horse by flies, such as horseflies or deerflies. Since the virus can be transmitted to foals, foals of affected mares can also be positive.

A certificate of a negative Coggins test is required before a horse is allowed to enter Maryland, to be stabled, boarded, exhibited or raced. A certificate of negative Coggins test must accompany the horse when sold or ownership of the horse is transferred.

For detailed instructions on accessing your Coggins test and/or health certificates any time from your computer or phone please visit Help.GlobalVetLink.com.

Diagnostic Testing

Veterinary Medical Center is equipped with the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to perform complete diagnostic evaluations of horses with a variety of health conditions. Our board-certified veterinarians utilize advanced diagnostic equipment to diagnose health issues in equine patients, including:

• Digital Radiography
• In-house Laboratory

• Digital Ultrasound – Both reproductive and tendon ultrasonography are available at your farm or the hospital.
• Video Endoscopy – We offer video endoscopy at the main hospital in Easton.

Equine Reproduction

At Veterinary Medical Center, we offer state-of-the-art reproductive health services by our board certified theriogenologist to horse breeders ranging from fertilization to birth and neonatal care. Our services include reproductive soundness evaluation of mares and stallions, semen evaluation, artificial insemination, diagnostic evaluation of infertility, ultrasonographic pregnancy diagnosis, embryo transfer, obstetrics and foaling management.

We can perform reproductive services in our hospital or on your farm. Please call us today if we can assist you with equine reproduction.

Examinations and treatments of neonatal foals are an interest of the doctors. We offer farm side IgG testing and routine neonatal care.

Although we hope you do not have a neonatal emergency, we offer 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency service to our clients. Call (410)-822-8505 to discuss your situation with a doctor, receive guidance and instructions, and – if necessary – to have your animal seen for emergency treatment.

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