Equine Dental Care

Horses need preventative dental care to keep them healthy and up to performance standards. We recommend a dental exam

twice a year

and an annual float with sedation. Dental exams should begin as soon as the foal is born so we may check for congenital abnormalities, and should continue through the life of the horse. To complete a thorough dental exam and float, we must use a full mouth speculum and sedation.

We can make corrections to malocclusions, re-balance the dental arcades and correct other dental conditions. Dental problems can interfere with digestion, cause colic, create chronic jaw and neck stiffness and may contribute to lameness.  Our 2 fully equipped mobile units perform farm calls and are able to perform floats and additional dental care on the farm, or you may bring your horse to our hospital in Easton.


There are many different ways to check and see if your horse may be having dental issues, but there are also signs that may not be as visible. Here are some things to keep an eye (or nose) out for:

Horse is dropping food or losing weight

Difficulty chewing

Undigested food particles in your horse’s manure

Excessive bit chewing or head tossing

Difficulty riding or being on a line

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