At Veterinary Medical Center, we understand that a medical emergency involving your animal can be scary. During an emergency we provide the quality of care and comfort you expect and deserve, offering excellent medical treatment for your animal after hours.

While VMC is fully staffed only during business hours, we do have a doctor on call at all times for your pet emergencies for established clients of Veterinary Medical Center. Call (410) 822-8505 to discuss your situation with a doctor, receive guidance and instructions, and – if necessary – to bring your animal to us for emergency treatment.

Preparing for Pet Emergencies

Pet emergencies are never easy to deal with and are always best handled by an experienced emergency veterinarian. Even so, it is always a great idea to be prepared. Assembling an emergency kit in advance can prove helpful in many situations, and can potentially help save the life of a critically injured pet family member. The American Veterinary Medical Association’s pet first aid checklist is a useful guide to getting started. In addition, it’s important to have the poison control hotline number available to you and we recommend to learn about performing pet CPR in the off chance you need it.

In conjunction with other local veterinary practices, we offer after-hours emergency service. Please note the following:

• Established clients of this facility will take precedence in care and treatment.
• An “emergency fee” will be applied to your charges for service
• Payment is due at time of service — cash, check or credit card
• After hours emergency c-sections are available ONLY to patients that have been bred by us. For theses patients, VMC will assemble a team to respond appropriately.

We hope you never need emergency medical care for your animal companion but, if the unexpected does happen, VMC is here for you.


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