Coggins Testing

A Coggin’s test is a blood test that is performed once yearly to test a horse for equine infectious anemia (EIA)

A negative Coggin’s is required for travel in most cases especially for shows and for boarding barns


What is EIA?

Equine infectious anemia or EIA is a disease that is transmitted by biting insects including horseflies.

EIA can have a prolonged clinical course lasting months or years and horses that survive can carry the disease for life.

There is no cure or vaccine for equine infectious anemia


What are the signs?




Irregular heart rhythm



Weight loss

Sudden death



What is the test?

A simple blood test is performed that screens your horse for the virus, this test is required in an effort to control EIA cases and decrease spread of this devastating disease. It is rare to hear of a positive case so the testing is effective!


What happens if my horse tested positive?

Horse’s that test positive (though not common) must either be strictly quarantined for the remainder of their lives, because they will become carriers for the disease, or they must be euthanized.


For more information visit the American Association of Equine Practitioners website: