Canine Reproductive Program

As with many things, “timing is everything”, especially when it comes to canine reproduction. VMC is available for patients

7 days a week

(excluding holidays) when reproductive procedures cannot wait, such as artificial inseminations, TCIs, semen collection for fresh-chilled shipments and emergency caesarean sections.

We provide a wide range of reproductive services including the following:

We are here to work as a team when making decisions that will result in healthy puppies, sires, dams, and future generations. We realize that every breed is unique and requires individual evaluations. The professional team at Veterinary Medical Center offers skill and experience in providing reproductive services to meet the needs of area breeders. Our canine reproductive services are meant for the passionate, committed breeder.

Brucellosis prevention

Brucella canis is a bacteria that can cause significant reproductive issues in dogs and potentially severe illness in people.

Yes. Brucellosis can be transmitted through all the bodily fluids of an infected animal, including vaginal discharge, aborted material, blood, semen, and nasal, oral, or ocular secretions. Dogs can become infected from simply walking around in an area where an infected dog has been or from interacting with infected dogs that have been newly introduced to the household. Disease transmission can occur at the time of breeding or whelping and through contact with dirty equipment. Some dogs with Brucella will never show signs of being sick until they have a reproductive problem. In female dogs, Brucellosis can cause abortions, fertility issues, and uterine infections. Puppies can contract the disease from their dams. In male dogs, Brucellosis affects the reproductive organs, causing infertility. Any dog can get Brucellosis, but it is breeding animals that are at the highest risk of contracting the disease and passing it on.

Yes! People, especially those who are immunocompromised, can become very ill. Symptoms range from headache and fatigue to abortion, infertility, organ failure, and sepsis. The illness may be long-term. Please contact your doctor with any questions about your health.

There is no effective treatment, so prevention is key. Brucellosis is a lifelong infection. Infected dogs must be either spayed/castrated and strictly isolated, or must be humanely euthanized.

Routinely test your breeding animals for Brucellosis. VMC uses an in-house test called the “RSAT” (Rapid Slide Agglutination Test), which is an easy, quick, and cost-effective way to determine if your dog is a Brucella suspect.

For your own peace of mind, the health of your animals and for the safety of our staff, ALL breeding animals must be current with a negative Brucella test. This can be performed at any veterinary clinic, but VMC must have an emailed or paper copy on file to proceed with breeding – any of the available diagnostic tests are acceptable. VMC can also perform this test for you same-day from a simple blood sample. In order for us to be able to perform breeding management appointments:

Male dogs are to be tested every 6 months *Applies to dogs that are seen at VMC as well as for shipped semen we receive. *Exception: frozen semen from several years ago from a dog which is now deceased

Female dogs are to be tested on each heat cycle they are to be bred on – Testing can also be performed at your request in between these time points – New dogs to your kennel should have a negative test prior to acquisition. Additional testing and a quarantine period is recommended for large breeding operations.

PLEASE NOTE: Any dog that tests positive for both parts of the in-house test at VMC will be subject to further testing. No further breeding management can be performed until a negative confirmatory test result is obtained. Please be aware that some test results may take 3-5 days to return, and plan accordingly. We reserve the right to refuse services to any client that does not comply with this protocol.

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